yogipass FAQ

What is a yogipass?

Designed by yogis for yogis, a yogipass gets you unlimited access to fitness classes at fabulous studios all around you with one membership.

What is a solo yogipass?

A solo yogipass, is a yogipass to a single class.

How many classes can i attend with limitless?

Unlimited, no funky limits.

Can i cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime through your settings page.

How do i inform yogipass studio that i will be attending one of their classes?

You dont need to do that, just book the class through the app and the studio will be notified automatically through yogipass.

Can i cancel a class that i have booked?

Yes, but make sure you do it outside the cancelation fee window to avoid being charged. Thats 8 hours in advance. You will be charged a fee of AED 50 for late cancelation or NO Shows.

I have used a special promo code to redeem a yogipass. Will my next month membership be the same promo price?

Yes, your promo price will remain active so long as you are a yogipass member. If you cancel your membership, the Promo price will be withdrawn.